The TEP photovoltaic residential power plant

Generate, store and consume electricity yourself.

The TEP photovoltaic residential power plant enables a decentralized energy supply on the roof or façade of your own house or multi-tenant condo building. This allows you to benefit from greater sustainability and lower energy costs. It generates electricity with the photovoltaic system and stores it in a battery until you need it. In this way, you become less dependent on energy suppliers and therefore avoiding the continually rising of electricity costs. On an annual average, you can generate up to 70% of your own electricity. On sunny days this could even be up to 100%, depending on consumption. By integrating electromobility applications or Smarthome technologies, you can further increase the share of your own energy requirements. Depending on the local feed-in conditions of the energy provider, you can also feed further excess electricity into the grid. Your photovoltaic house power plant follows the highest safety standards this is a priority to TEP, meanwhile using glass-glass solar module technology as well as products and technology “Made in Germany”. 

Services of the TEP team

  • Recording of the current energy demand and analysis of the current energy consumption as well as the energy consumers
  • Determination of the size of the photovoltaic system 
  • Battery storage design 
  • Preparation of a profitability forecast
  • Erection and commissioning of the plant by the TEP installation team
  • Plant and equipment monitoring by the TEP service team
  • Maintenance and services

Features of TEP‘s photovoltaic residential power plant

  • Integration of electrical and thermal consumers (hot water for preparation)
  • Intelligent energy management and evaluation tool
    • The evaluation overview shows the energy balance for a desired time period. It enables analyses of generation, consumption and own consumption as well as battery use.
    • The consumer balance gives an overview of the operating time, duration and, if used, the consumption of the automatically controlled devices in energy management, as well as the energy mix of solar energy, battery use and mains electricity used.
  • Emergency power supply in case of power failure
  • Preparation for electromobility

TEP is a certified installer for battery storage systems.

Battery system manufacturers, such as E3/DC GmbH and sonnen GmbH, did qualify and certify TEP personnel. This ensures the professional planning, installation and safe commissioning of your battery system. TEP provides battery system solutions customized to the application for residential homes, commercial but also industrial applications.